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Electrical Ground & Bonding

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    Electrical grounding (or simply “Grounding,” as it is called by a lot of people) was originally used as a safety measure which was applied to help prevent any accidental contact between people and any form of electrical hazards.

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   For a better understanding of what electrical grounding is, take a look at the refrigerator in your home. Your refrigerator is a metal box that rests on a set of rubber stands while electricity continues to run through it.  If your child has a drawing and you’ll like to hang it on this refrigerator, you’ll do so with magnets. The electricity that is in continuous motion from the outlet and through the power cord to the electrical components that are embedded inside the refrigerator are isolated from the metal frame (or chassis) of the fridge.

If the electricity should for some reason come in contact with this metal exterior, the rubber stand (that the refrigerator rests on) would be in place to prevent the electricity from flowing anywhere else and necessarily; it would just wait for someone to come and touch the refrigerator. Once a person makes contact with the fridge, the electricity would only move from the metal exterior of the refrigerator and go through to the person. It is worth noting that this can cause some serious injury, too.  

Preventing this from happening is what grounding does. A green cord is connected from the chassis of the refrigerator, and if the frame become electrically charged for any reason whatsoever, the electricity released will only flow back to your electrical panel via the wire. That way, it will trip the circuit breaker and immediately stop the flow of electricity.

      Nation Electric are specialized in bringing you a quality & Commercial Electrical Contractors in Beverly Hills, CA & other locations.  Electrical projects on a commercial property in California will need a Title 24 Commercial Lighting Acceptance, & the same is with any Residential property. They will both need a Title 24 Certification by an Electrical Contractor. However, Commercial properties require a special certification to be able to inspect these properties.  CALCTP-AT certifies Lighting Acceptance inspectors in Los Angeles, CA.  Call Nation Electric & Construction Inc. today for a solid and easy inspection that will keep your business & family safe for years to come!

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If you’d like to learn more information about Lighting acceptance inspection on Commercial Properties, then please visit our Title 24 Certification in Los Angeles, CA web page.

Grounding can be done for a wide array of electrical appliances. As a matter of fact, it has been advised that people get a stable grounding for their homes so as to add a layer of regulation to the electricity that will flow around the house through the devices installed. However, grounding is something that must be done with great attention to care and detail. You have to hire a service that is competent and reliable for your grounding to be efficient and to fulfill its purpose. This is where Nation Electric can be of help to you.

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We offer unique and highly effective grounding service for industrial, commercial, and residential locations. Our electrical grounding service will be able to help prevent the risk of accidental electric shocks and will protect you from any electricity-related injury.

Protect yourself from the unpredictable effects of electricity. Let Nation Electric help you with a reliable electrical grounding service.

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