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What’s CALCTP for Commercial Title 24 Acceptance Testing?

     The California Advanced Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing (CALCTP-AT) Program was implemented due to the new State regulations made under the 2013 California Building Codes updates that called for a greater degree of efficiency and higher standards for lighting and other associated systems in the construction of every building. The updated codes regulate the activities surrounding the construction and erection of new commercial and nonresidential buildings. It also serves as a guide for making modifications, alterations, and improvements to commercial and nonresidential buildings which existed before it was implemented.

In order to meet up with the provisions of these new regulations, the CEC implemented  Title 24 Acceptance Testing certification requirements that would apply to field technicians and their employers.

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   What do I need Commercial Title 24 Acceptance Testing for?  

     Acceptance testing is a phenomenon that has actually been around since 2005. However, studies and stakeholder comments have pointed to the fact that commercial title 24 acceptance testing procedures that usually occur on the field are currently inadequate. The CEC determined that due to the inconsistent levels of training, field technicians as a whole are not carrying out their duties and ensuring that installed systems in buildings are delivering far less than the energy efficiencies and monetary savings that are expected by building owners.  

As of July 1, 2014, the CEC requires that acceptance testing is conducted by certified field technicians employed by certified employees. Certification is achieved through comprehensive training provided by the certified ATTCP provider. Any employer that is not certified to perform acceptance testing now must arrange for an outside acceptance tester to certify their lighting controls work.

The CALCTP-AT Program for Title 24 Commercial Lighting

The curriculum for the CALCTP-AT was developed by UC Davis, California Lighting Technology Center and under the strict supervision of the CEC. The AT-Technician certification is an exercise that includes theoretical and hands-on training. It is also limited to participants who have 3 years of verifiable experience in the field of lighting controls in advanced lighting control systems, these lighting systems include; dimmers, occupancy sensors, photo sensors, relay modules, and control devices that are communication-based. AT-Employer certification is granted to employers who have met the application requirements and who have expressly agreed to the terms that are clearly outlined in the Audit Agreement. For both certifications, it is required that an applicant passes a written examination exercise. Nation Electric & Construction Inc. provide a full Title 24 Commercial Lighting Acceptance Testing in Los Angeles, CA.

The projects that are regulated under this Test include all newly constructed buildings as well as the alterations, improvements, additions, and retrofits that are made to all commercial, nonresidential facilities in order to comply with its provisions. It is worth noting that these retrofits, additions, improvements, etc that are being made must be for areas that constitute over 10% of the total building space. For all projects that measure over 10,000 sq. ft. in area, it is mandatory for Title 24 acceptance testing to be included in the design review process as well as for the commissioning measures to be included in construction documents. This allows commercial electricians in Los Angeles, CA to increase they’re standards of safety.

The ICF is the body that is legally sanctioned and responsible for enforcing full compliance. Acceptance testing forms that are completed by AT-Technicians are due to the ICF within a period of 48 hours after the testing. The forms must be signed by the AT-Technician as well as the party responsible for the AT-Employer. As contained in the Audit Agreement, approximately twenty-percent of the randomly selected project will go through the audit process. Of this 26%, half will be desk audits while the other half will have to be done onsite. The repercussions for not complying with these requirements include a delay or a complete withdrawal of the occupancy permit by the City Inspector. The ICF also has the ability and freedom to withdraw the CALCTP-AT certification from the technician and/or the employer. If cities or municipalities do not comply with these requirements, the State will note the municipalities which are complying and those that aren’t.   

The CALCTP is a body that is committed to increasing the practical knowledge of lighting controls through exhaustive and thorough training and certification. This way, they are serving to improve competency in the various methods, equipment, and skills that are necessary to perform quality advanced lighting control acceptance tests. They also serve to assist the State in meeting certain energy efficiency objectives as well as helping building owners to recognize optimal electrical cost savings methods and t take full advantage of them.  


Updates that were made to the California Building Code Energy Efficiency section (Title 24, Part 1 and 6) in 2013 make allowance for greater efficiency standards in the construction and fitting of the lighting (and other associate) systems in commercial and nonresidential buildings, and the state certified Acceptance Testing of these systems as mandated by the government. The 2013 update was put into action on July 1, 2014. 

Lighting controls for all newly constructed buildings and retrofits as well as renovations and tenant improvements that constitute greater than 10% of the total building space now require Acceptance Testing. Acceptance Test verification will ensure that every installation requirement is met and that every installed equipment and system is operating properly and at optimal capacity. You should also know that for a building to be classified as habitable, Acceptance Testing is also required.

It is compulsory for Acceptance Testing to be conducted by certified field technicians who will be employed by a certified employer. After the 1st of July, 2014, any contractor who is not certified to perform acceptance testing will have to hire a certified contractor who will certify the functionality and operation of his (or her) lighting controls. Acceptance Testing ensures that installed equipment and systems operate properly and that they are ready for occupants to move in.

The California Advanced Lighting Controls Program (CALCTP) Board and its associates and partners have designed a program that will see to the training and accreditation of electricians, electrical contractors, engineers, and commissioning agents. These professionals will be trained in such a way that they will be able to determine the lighting installations of acceptance tests in full compliance with the CEC. The CALCTP is an Acceptance Testing Technician Certification Provider that is authorized by the state of California.