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Nation Electric & Construction Inc. is a complete Licensed, Bonded, & Insured provider of electrical services. Our Electricians are located in Los Angeles, CA, and serving all surrounding cities, making Nation Electric your #1 local electrical construction service.

Our electrical company provides an efficient and highly productive combination of professional expertise with the top of the line in advanced technology and equipment, with the aim of building residential, commercial, & industrial structures that are highly energy-efficient and safe to reside in at any time.

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Complete & comprehensive residential electrical services at affordable prices.

Residential Electrical Solutions

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

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Commercial electrical construction services in Los Angeles.

Commercial Electrical Solutions

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Licensed, bonded, & insured Industrial electrical construction services.

Industrial Electrical Solutions

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Full Range of Electrical Services

Nation Electric provides a Licensed, Bonded, & Insured electrical construction work for all Residential, Commercial & Industrial projects. Since the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best quality service delivery and to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, regardless of the nature of the service or the circumstances involved. Through honest and thorough work processes, we are striving to make that possible. We’re a dedicated Residential & Commercial Electrical Company headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA – So look no further, our teams can serve you in SoCal. We’re licensed for electrical construction & able to provide commercial title 24 lighting acceptions for a smooth project from conception to inspection for your Beverly Hills Lighting Installations.

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Lighting Control / Title 24

At Nation Electric, we can help to ensure that your location is installed with lighting systems that are in entire accordance with all Efficiency Standards of the California Energy Code. We’re CALCTP Certificated for Title 24 Commercial Lighting Acceptance & Title 24 Testing for residential households.Certified Lighting Acceptance

About our Los Angeles Electricians

We’re all about building a comfortable and professional relationship with our clients.  When you call Nation Electric, a trained technician will answer the phone ready to answer any questions you may have.

About our Los Angeles Electricians

We’re all about building a comfortable and professional relationship with our clients.  When you call Nation Electric, a trained technician will answer the phone ready to help with any electrical issue.

Do You Have An Electrical Project We Can Help With?

     At Nation Electric, we hand picked licensed electrical engineers who are highly skilled, vastly experienced (with a wealth of experience spanning through years of active service) and thoroughly trained. Their pure skill and technical knowledge, combined with their access to state of the art technology, ideally equips them to be able to face any issue with electrical problems.


Beverly Hills Electricians

     Our services cut across all the needs of both ongoing and completed construction projects and buildings. We make sure to employ only safe and legal methods in our procedures, and we can assure you that we are well capable of meeting every need that you (or rather, your building) might have. Our workers will work closely with you on every project to ensure that we are providing services that match your taste. By working with you, we are gathering valuable information about your building, the project itself, the service you require and also putting your needs into consideration. All in all, we are aiming to provide services that are fit to your personal or specific requirements, which are carried out by the common laws regarding their application and which will enhance the electrical capability of your building. 

    We provide a full range of Home & Commercial Lighting Installations, Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA.

Nation Electric has loyal employees throughout Los Angeles, CA who are highly professional in conduct.  Every single employee works for us, and we do not outsource. We believe in the human element of our processes and the ability of our workers to portray our brand in the right way. This is why we ensure that our employees exhibit nothing short of the maximum levels of professionalism. We make sure to allow our workers to function in an environment which makes them feel safe and comfortable. However, we also ensure that their conduct and behavior is respectable and highly orderly. Our workers are one of our biggest selling points, and we make sure to bring you nothing short of professional practice for the entirety of the duration which we’ll be doing business with you.

   We have defined goals and objectives. We understand that the only way through which we can actualize these goals is by providing quality service delivery and this is what we focus on. We will ensure that every service of yours that is contracted to us is handled efficiently and in such a way that will guarantee no issues afterward. We are entirely devoted to quality and providing services that we can stand by anytime, any day. We believe in the fact that quality work speaks for itself and true to form, we have had testimonials that attest to the quality of our work. You can be the latest addition to that list of happy customers.

We can fulfill any industrial, commercial, or residential electrical need. Put your trust in Nation Electric! We can handle it!

Nation Electric is a leading electrical service providing the highest standards in electrical remodeling, upgrades, and wiring at affordable prices.  Call us today and receive an E-Estimate after a thorough inspection. Our offices are open 24/7 to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

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As part of our belief in getting things done the right way, we ensure that we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that we provide maximum results. Our work processes are extremely thorough and we will make sure to explore every method available to us in actualizing our objectives. Our workers have been trained to never give up on an issue unless it is solved and we approach every project with that mindset. You can rest assured that yours will be no different. We have many goal-oriented and highly focused technicians who will do everything in their power to ensure that your needs are met and that you don’t have a single complaint while working with us.

Nation Electric only purchases high durability electrical materials from trusted vendors that we have been working with for years.  We make sure to have all of our materials on hand in our emergency vehicles to ensure we can get the job done in the most affordable and efficient manner possible.

     At Nation Electric, we are firm believers in the fact that a professional is only as effective as the tools and equipment that he or she is working with. By this belief, we make sure to employ the very best in state of the art technology when working on all our projects. We spare no expense in getting the best technology as we greatly believe that they are a large part of ensuring the success of whatever we do. We make sure to keep tabs on the latest trends and innovative technology, and we try to acclimatize and get ourselves familiar with these tools and equipment as possible. All these are done to ensure that we are always on point and ready to deliver the best service.

Estimates are entirely individualized depending on the customers and her or his needs.  After reaching out to us, all estimates requires a complete site review and a blue-print (depending on the type of work).  All of our service work and emergency calls are dealt with on a 24/7 hourly basis.  Call us to schedule an appointment and receive your free estimate today! (310) 999-1898

Today, electricity and electric services have been known to be highly expensive, especially to buildings and locations that rely heavily on them. Due to the reliance of commercial and industrial processes on electricity, more and more electric services have been known to increase their prices and the rates at which they make their services available. This is one of the areas in which Nation Electric is head and shoulders above every other service. With effective business solutions, we have been able to ensure that our services are administered and provided at the barest minimum prices and that it isn’t too much of a strain on your clients. We aim to help our clients make maximum savings and if that includes reducing prices so they feel comfortable, it is a choice we are happy to make. We have packages that will definitely fit into your budget, regardless of your salary or how large your budget is. However, it is worth noting that the little amount of money you’ll be paying won’t diminish the quality of the service you’ll be getting in any way.

We put our customers at the highest level of priority and make sure that their needs are met and efficiently surpassed. To achieve this, we will make sure to work closely with you in every project and ensure that our outcome is something that you (and we as well) can be proud of. Before starting work on your project, we will take a cursory examination of the location and its characteristic features that will either enhance or impede the progress and actualization of what we’re trying to achieve. However, we’ll also be sitting down with you to discuss your personal preferences and what you’re looking to get from this entire exercise. In the case where you have a concept or a requirement in mind, we’ll take into consideration when planning your work processes and ensure that we work with our analyses and projections as well as your specific needs in mind. However, in a situation where your desired needs won’t be able to work (probably due to legal restrictions or any other form of impediment), we’ll be sure to let you know and consult you on the way forward. All in all, we’ll make sure to deliver services that are best to your taste and which are tailored to fit your specific criteria. We believe in the power of customer satisfaction, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that we can keep them happy.

Happy customer, happy business.


We’ve come a long way since Nation Electric was first opened.  Check out the accreditations that have brought us to where we are today.

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Nation Electric can provide you with any of your Electrical services at affordable prices.  For over 15 years, we have been working hard to make sure all of our customers get a professional electrical job done right every single time.

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