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Commercial Lighting Installation

Commercial Electrical Company Nation Electric & Construction Inc. is a full-service commercial electrical company that is focused on helping commercial locations with efficient and highly effective electrical services that cover a wide array of categories. We aim to help commercial locations all over Beverly Hills to optimize their electrical systems in a way that will foster their operations and reduce the risk of electricity-related issues. We have competent and highly resourceful workers who have a wealth of experience and access to some of the most reliable and conventional electrical equipment. Their training, expertise, and skills will be brought to the table when working with you and you can rest assured that with Nation Electric& Construction Inc., there is no electrical service that won’t be effectively rendered. We also ensure to look into your building so as to tailor our services to your personal requirements. That way we can ensure that our services will be personalized and effective.
Commercial Electrical Services
All over the world, there is a tendency for commercial locations to rely heavily on electricity and access to electricity for just about every aspect of their operations. Whether it’s for the effective dispensation of their services or for being able to see to the needs of any unsatisfied customers, there is no limit to the usefulness of electricity to commercial locations. Commercial locations in Beverly Hills are no different. It is this reason that makes it compulsory for commercial locations to have access to a stable ad uninterrupted electricity supply at all times. Every electrical system and component have t be fully functional and operational. We have noticed this reliance on electricity by commercial locations, and this was what spurred us to establish our commercial electrical services division. For commercial locations to be able to enjoy reliable electrical systems, we at Nation Electric & Constructive dedicated ourselves to ensuring that nothing goes wrong or awry. We’ll look to ensure that all is well with your electrical system and also look into how we can optimize your usage. All in all, you can count on us t help you maintain the optimal performance of your electrical system at all times.
We will be able to take care of
Safety Inspections and Recommendations: We will be able to run quality and highly efficient safety inspections on your electrical system to ensure that your system is capable of handling he workload that is being put on it. Regularly, w can also be on the ground to run preventive inspections to guard against the event of power failure or any electricity-based issues. In cases where an issue is present, we will be able to run diagnoses and come up with the best possible solution that will nip it in the bud and make everything much better. Our solutions will be reasonable, actionable, and highly cost effective
Component Installations and Removals: We can help you with installations and removals of various electrical components. Whether you need one, we’ll be able to help you get a sample of high quality and have it installed. In the case where a component has become damaged or obsolete, we can remove it and we’ll do it in such a way that won’t have any deleterious effects on the performance of your electrical system.
All in all, if you own a commercial location in Beverly Hills, you will need the best electrical service. This is what we provide at Nation Electric & Construction Inc..
Commercial Electrical Contractor
At Nation Electric, we offer electrical contractor services to commercial locations all through Beverly Hills. We have a goal to provide both our existing and new clients with a highly efficient, cost effective electrical contractor service that is second to none. We understand the fact that certain commercial locations are in need of stable and effective electrical services and we have made it an objective to help out in whatever way we can, with our considerable skills, expertise, and available equipment. We have been in business for a while and we have a successful track record of delivering quality and quick solutions to electricity-related issues that our clients might be having. We approach every issue with a professional mindset and yours will be no different. We will be sure to get to the bottom of any issues and you can rely on the services and solutions that we provide. Our contractors are on ground and are more than ready to lend their considerable expertise to helping your commercial location. We can help ensure that electricity, which your location relies on s much, is never in short supply. We understand the importance of electricity to the running of every commercial location and we operate with an aim to give your business nothing short of the best.
Commercial Lighting Acceptance
Buildings in California, regardless of whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial, have to comply with certain provisions of the law regarding lighting and electric modeling. These laws are referred to as Title 24
The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (or simply known as Title 24) were created by the government of the state of California as a means of ensuring that every building within the state (whether residential, industrial, or commercial) can achieve the very highest levels of energy efficiency, regardless of the date of construction or when it was erected. It also aims to ensure that buildings throughout California can preserve the quality and safety of their environment, both outdoors and indoors. These energy checks and measures are listed in Title 24, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations, hence the moniker.
The California Energy Commission is the agency that has been tasked with the responsibility of adopting, executing, and updating the energy efficiency of every building all through the state of California. However, since the acceptance regulations have been etched into the city’s laws, you should know that local city and county enforcement agencies also the ability and authority to ensure that buildings (and their owners and occupants as well) are constructed and composed in such a way that ensures full compliance with the various building codes that are applicable to them, especially as they have legal jurisdiction on various matters within the state.
At Nation Electric & Construction Inc., we can help you with your Commercial title 24 lighting acceptance for Commercial Lighting Acceptance in California.
We will run the appropriate tests on your commercial building to verify its compliance with lighting acceptance standards, and in the eventuality that your building falls short, we’ll be able to proffer lasting and feasible solutions. We’re certified by CALCTP for Commercial Lighting Acceptance.

If you want to learn more about Title 24 and what it needed for this inspection please click this link: Title 24 Acceptance Testing
Commercial Electricians
At Nation Electricians, we have a team of commercial electricians who will be able to address any issues that may arise in your building. Our electricians are highly skilled and thoroughly trained. Their wealth of experience, along with access to some of the best in electrical equipment and technology, will see to it that there is no issue that they won’t be able to address effectively and without any hassles. We can assure you that with our electricians, all your electricity-related issues will be eradicated and you will be able to enjoy the quality and uninterrupted electricity for the tuning and operation of your business.
Commercial Electrical Wiring
Wiring is one of the most important ad prominent aspects of electrical services in today’s world. That being said, your building, regardless of whether it is a residential, industrial or commercial location, will rely heavily on it and it is something that needs to be taken with utmost seriousness. Whatever form of electrical and lighting wiring it is that you need to be done on your location, the best choice for you is to employ professionals who are efficient, competent and who have concrete knowledge of what they are doing to help to meet your needs. This is because your wiring is one of the most important aspects of your electrical system. That being said, even something as simple as the composition of the electrical wiring for your speaker system is something that if done wrong, could cause a serious catastrophe. You also run a serious risk of the outbreak of fire or any other type of personal injury if you do not ensure that all outlets, switches, and breakers are properly turned off before you start performing any form of electrical wiring.
However, because there is an abundance of electrical and wiring services that are available in the country today, it is understandable that you might experience a bit of a difficulty while picking one to help you out.
Well, there’s no need to worry about making a choice. Nation Electric & Construction is the right service for you to use. If you’ve got a commercial building in Beverly Hills and you need a competent and highly efficient electrical service to help you with your electrical wiring, we’re at your service. We have the right tools, knowledge, and expertise to be able to handle any form of electrical wiring requirements. We also have a crop of electricians who will be able t use their years of training, service experience, and equipment to help out. You can rest assured that there’s no wiring requirement that we won’t be able to handle. We have an illustrious track record and the quality of our work is just a testament to our efficiency
Get your lights installed by the best service in the market. Contact Nation Electric today and let’s get started.

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We’re Licensed by CALCTP for Commercial Title 24 Testing


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