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Nation Electric can provide you with any of your Electrical services at affordable prices.  For over 15 years, we have been working hard to make sure all of our customers get a professional electrical job done right every single time.

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Our Electrical Services

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     Here at Nation Electric are firm believers in providing efficient and quality services. Part of our commitment to ensuring quality service delivery is the delivering of services in real-time. We understand that the electricity-related component and aspect of your building are one of the critical parts of the entire building and a lot of things depend on how accurate, efficient and fast things are done. This is why we ensure to render our services quickly and without wasting any time. We will make sure that we get in, do our work, and leave as soon as possible and also clean up after ourselves. Our work processes, apart from being extremely thorough, are very fast.

Efficient Workforce

     The human element of our service delivery is significant to how our company operates. No matter how developed and advanced the tools we have are, they hardly make any sense without the professionals who will work on them. This is why we take great care to ensure that our workers are thoroughly trained and have a full understanding and vast knowledge of what they’re doing. We make sure to train our employees to imbibe our culture of excellence and make them inculcate that culture before they are sent to the field. That way, we will be able to ascertain that they will have no issue with implementing their functions and discharging their duties. Our workers will be thoroughly trained in making proper and appropriate use of the tools and equipment which they will be given, and they’ll also be notified of new and innovative developments and trained on how to make use of those accordingly. All these are done so as to ensure that there is no issue that our workers won’t be able to efficiently handle when doing business with you. You can feel secure with our level of efficiency and professional acumen.

Feel free to contact us for help in any of the following services. We stand by our work any day, and you can rest assured that you’ll be getting nothing but quality service delivery:

Industrial Electric Services

     Our industrial electric service is always on the ground to help you (and your industrial location) with any electricity-related issue. With the heavy reliance of industrial activities such as manufacturing, packaging, and others on electricity, it is possible for electrical systems and components to malfunction and develop faults periodically. Whatever the electrical problem is, please feel free to contact Nation Electric. Our industrial electrical service will get to the bottom of it and execute lasting solutions.

   Commercial Electric Services

      Commercial locations all over the world tend to rely on electricity for just about anything. Whether it’s for dispensing their services or answering dissatisfied customers, power serves commercial locations in a wide array of aspects. This is why it is operative for any commercial building to have access to uninterrupted and stable electricity. Every system and component have to be in top-notch working condition. For that to be a daily occurrence, you can trust Nation Electric to help you out; we will make sure that all is well with your electricity and look at ways through which we can optimize your usage. Simple and straightforward.

Residential Electric Service

     In every home, electricity is a necessary component. Entertainment systems, phone lines, gadgets, appliances, etc. all run on electricity and have a heavy reliance on it. It’s beyond safe to say that without the presence of power in a home, things are quite dull and could go awry quickly. We noticed this need and decided to help. With our residential electric service, we will be able to address your home’s electricity-related issues and ensure that all is well with it. Whatever the needs of your home are at all, you can count on Nation Electric to proffer real-time and efficient solutions that are sure to last a long time.

Call Nation Electric Licensed, Bonded, & Insured  Commercial Electrical Services.

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Lighting Installation

     Lights play a very crucial role in any building. Apart from their primary function of illuminating everywhere and giving occupants the ability to see their way around, lights carefully and strategically placed will improve the aesthetic appeal of the area. Whatever you need new lights for, Nation Electric can help with the installation. We’ll make sure that your installed lights are functional, durable, and located at positions that are visible as well as efficient. We’ll also ensure that you’re within a legal limit of energy efficiency and ensure that your lights are up to code. All of these are done towards ensuring that the adequate lighting is achieved for your building.

Panel Upgrades

    This is a service that owners and occupants of older buildings will appreciate. Now and then, electrical panels get substantially depleted in their capability and efficiency. Whether it’s due to wear caused by excessive usage or its inability to keep up with the power burden deposited by new forms of technology and latest appliances, your panel could get damaged and in the process, take down a lot of other appliances with it. That being said, it becomes expedient that you upgrade your panel from time to time. This will ensure that it doesn’t abruptly stop working or deplete substantially in its functionality. For your panel upgrade services, you can trust Nation Electric. We will be able to get the specifications of your existing board and using the amount of experience we have. We’ll look for ways to upgrade it and optimize its functionality.

Electrical Remodeling, Additions, & Repairs

     This service basically aims to increase the capacity and capability of your electrical system. With or remodeling service, we’ll be able to look into the current capabilities of your electrical system and remodel it in a way that will make it much more efficient.

With our additions, we’ll look into how we can increase the functionality of your electrical system by adding even more. If your building is able to accommodate it, we’ll add more systems and components so as to be able to help share some of the electrical workload.

If you’ve got an electrical system of component that has developed a fault somewhere along the line, we can also help with that. We’ll make sure to get to the root of any issues you’ve got and look into effective solutions in real time.

Electrical Grounding

     This is an added safety measure that should be present in any building. This is because without paying adequate attention to electrical grounding, you and other occupants of your building are left open and very susceptible to the ripple effects of electric shock. If an anomaly occurs in the electrical makeup of your building electric current might flow in unpredictable directions, and invariably, someone could get electrocuted. Grounding helps protect you from that and reduce its probability of occurrence. A well-grounded home is safe from the potential outlay of electric current in various directions. Regardless of your type of building, we can help you with a well comprehensive electrical grounding service at Nation Electric.   

Electrical Circuit Services

     In every building, the electrical circuit is a component that makes most of the burned of electricity use and application. For this reason, it is vulnerable to defects and developing faults. When this happens, the electrical capability of such a building and the ability of occupants to access and use electricity are significantly impeded. It goes without saying that when an electrical circuit develops a fault, it needs to be replaced. For your new electrical circuits, you can trust Nation Electric. We will make sure to get electrical circuits that will work correctly and fit seamlessly into the electrical system of your building and which can handle the burden that will be placed on it. Our electrical circuits are of the highest quality and are sure to last longer than your current one. If you need a stronger and more capable electrical circuit, contact Nation Electric.

 Local 24/7 Emergency Electricians & Electrical Supply Services   

     At Nation electric, we have a dedicated emergency service that is available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be able to address any issues that are faced by our clients. If you’ve got a fire outbreak or a misbehaving electrical system, feel free to call us on 1(310) 999 1898 and we’ll be able to help you out. Our line is always available, so you can rest assured that we will always be available whenever you call. We have a commitment to ensure that our customers get nothing short of the best services and that includes being able to come to their aid whenever and however they need it.

Lighting Acceptance/ Title 24 (California Standards)

Nation Electric is a complete & comprehensive Lighting Controls Acceptance & Commercial Title 24 Testing company located in Los Angeles, CA.  Nation Electric & Construction are California Licensed Electrical, certified by CALCTP-AT  & CALCTP.

Nation Electric is here to answer your questions 24/7, whether you need an inspection or consultation, pick up the phone and call today, we’re here to help

Certified Lighting Acceptance

The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards is a set of guidelines that govern the use and application of electricity in buildings so as to ensure energy efficiency. It also ensures that buildings are constructed and erected in such a way that the quality of life and the state of the environment are not depleted anyway. The measures are listed in the California Code of Regulations and are enforceable by various law enforcement agencies around the state

  Title 24 Testing is for keeping these rules and regulations regularly updated for the purpose of being able to keep up with latest innovations in technology, electricity consumption, and application. It will do you a lot of good to ensure that your building is up to standard and by these laws, especially when updated.

We can do any of your Electrical Services

With Nation Electric you can expect nothing but quality work at affordable prices.  We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured electrical company waiting for YOUR call.

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Nation Electric can provide you with any of your Electrical services at affordable prices.  For over 15 years, we have been working hard to make sure all of our customers get a professional electrical job done right every single time.

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