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     Regardless of whether you’re in a residential, industrial or commercial location, it is something that needs to be taken with utmost seriousness. Whatever form of electrical and lighting installation is that you need to be done in your home, it is more than advisable that you employ professionals who are competent and who know what they’re doing to help you with your needs. This is because your lighting is one of the most important aspects of your space.

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     Even something as simple as the electrical wiring for your new home theater system is capable of causing a serious catastrophe if it’s not done the right way. You also run a serious risk of fire outbreak or any other type of personal injury if you fail to ensure that all power outlets are properly switched off before you embark on performing any commercial lighting, residential lighting, electrical wiring, electrical installation, or interior lighting. However, with the abundance of electrical, lighting, and wiring services that are available in the country today, one can understand the fact that picking one is difficult. How are you expected to pick just one service? And even if you know how to, which one do you eventually stick with?

   For Years, Nation Electric & Construction headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA has been a residential & commercial electrical company that you can trust, whether you need a new backyard lighting design or quality commercial electrical wiring call Nation Electric today.

Well, there’s no need to worry about making a choice as Nation Electric is the right place to be. We provide a full range of residential & commercial lighting, At Nation Electric, we’ve got the right tools, a vast knowledge of the field and the right expertise to be able to handle any form of lighting installation requirements. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial locations and you can be sure that we’ll be able to effectively serve you. We have a crop of workers who are highly trained and who have vast experience in the field. It’s more than safe to say that there’s no form of lighting installation requires that we won’t be able to effectively handle. We’ve worked with various locations and different types of customers before, on many residential & commercial lighting projects,  so we’re perfectly prepared for any form of surprise. We have a colorful and illustrious track record and our work speaks for itself. All in all, you can rest assured of quality and long-lasting service. Need we say more? Learn more about Nation Electric Commercial Lighting Installations & how we can give you the needed California Title 24 Commercial Lighting Acceptance.

If you’re looking information or services for commercial title 24 in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, & Surrounding cities, See the title 24 certification acceptance testing we provide, or our full commercial title 24 testing

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