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Title 24 Acceptance Testing

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Do I need lighting acceptance testing?

     Due to the changes made in the California Energy Standards, it is mandatory for you to get lighting acceptance before anyone can occupy your building. This means you’ll be needing it immediately after the construction and equipping of your building

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        We’re Certified by CALCTP

     “The California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) is a California initiative for the use of lighting controls in commercial buildings and industrial facilities through education.”

CALCTP-AT for Commerical Light with Title 24 Certification

The 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards requires all certified technicians to conduct commercial title 24 lighting acceptance inspections on all installed lighting controls.

“CALCTP is a state recognized provider that certifies employees and technicians.”

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Nation Electric Lighting Acceptance Services

     If you’ve got a new building that’s ready to receive occupants and you’ll like to ensure accordance and compliance with the Standards, contact Nation Electric and we’ll have our acceptance testers run the appropriate tests and confirmation procedures on your building, our testing procedures are heavily streamlined and as such, they won’t take much of your time. However, they are still up to standards and will be thorough in their own right.

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    What’s Title 24 Lighting Acceptance?

     Title 24 Commercial Lighting Acceptance TestingAs of July 1st, 2014, the California Energy Commission implemented some amendments to the California Building Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Parts 1 and 6). These amendments require that lighting controls and devices must be tested, proven, and appropriately certified as properly installed and operational before occupancy permits can be issued to any building, especially industrial and commercial. This basically means that the lighting control devices have to be proven as operational before people can actually live (or work, as the case may be) in any building.

     Title 24 Testing Services in Los Angeles, CAThe agency tasked with the responsibility of adopting, implementing and updating the energy efficiency of the many buildings in the state of California is the California Energy Commission. However, local city and county enforcement agencies have also been given the express authority to ensure that buildings (as well as their owners and occupants) are in full compliance with the various building codes that are applicable to them, including those which are related to the efficiency of energy.

What’s Commercial Title 24 Testing?

      Local Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Commercial Title 24 TestingEver since 1978 when they were first enacted into the law, the Energy Efficiency Standards have been directly responsible for making buildings more comfortable and accommodating for occupants. They have also been responsible for the lower energy costs that building owners and occupants incur and they also go a long way in reducing the emissions of hazardous greenhouse gases, thereby lowering the contribution to global warming to a large extent. These Standards ensure that builders make use of the most energy-efficient technologies and construction methods when constructing buildings in the state. In the event that a building is not compliant with these Standards, they’ll be embroiled in a battle with the state’s legal system and legal action will be taken against them. Learn what Commercial Title 24 Really is about: Commercial Title 24 Certification & Lighting Acceptance Testing

Title 24 Lighting Testing Acceptance

Nation Electric & Construction Inc. is a licensed California Title 24 Inspector & CALCTP-AT Certified Employer for Industrial & Commercial Buildings, call us today for any of your Title 24 Acceptance Testing.

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